Saturday, April 17, 2010

Oil is NOT Moisturizing

I learned that:

Hair is mainly made up of protein: keratin
Hair is very porous: what goes inside the hair can also come out
Hair needs moisture for elasticity and nourishment


Hair loves water. The issue is that water can easily be removed from the hair through the pores.  Therefore, the water needs to be SEALED in in order to keep the hair moisturized.

I never heard of sealing in moisture until recently.  I thought that using a moisturizer alone will keep my hair from drying out so easily.

Not so much in my case.

I have suffered from dry hair on many occasions and thought my hair was dry because I didn't put enough oil on my hair.  I thought the oil was what moisturizes my hair.  In the end, my hair never felt anymore moisturized than before applying the oil (or shea butter).  All the oil did was weigh my hair down and left it shiny but grimy (from using too much).

So, I discovered that oil doesn't moisturize the hair because its molecules are too large to diffuse into the pores along the hair.  The oil just sits on top of the pores as a blockage.  It prevents anything from leaving the hair and entering it.

This is why oil is used instead as a SEALANT for the hair AFTER moisturizing it.  The moisture goes inside the hair and the oil is used to seal up the pores to block the moisture from leaving the hair. 

In conclusion, it is ALWAYS important to seal your hair with some type of oil or butter AFTER applying water or whatever moisturizer you use in your hair to ensure that your hair is moisturized.  Sealing the hair before moisturizing benefits nothing because the oil would prevent the moisture from moving into the hair.

See the importance of order?

I am so excited to be learning about my hair...this information is amazing!  I have been so misinformed about my hair for a VERY long time and am so glad God has revealed this to me to incorporate into healthy hair practices for my daughter and me.

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  1. Thanks for the information!!!!
    I didn't know either..


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